Essential Steps to consider before building a mobile app

Nowadays, Apps are essential for users. You can be a SME with a successful product and thinking to get into mobile app or an Entrepreneur with a visionary app Idea and considering building a Mobile App.  If you are a mobile app development company, we feel the following essential steps must be considered before building a B2B or B2C Mobile app.

Purpose of your App:

When the app market place was opened, there were very few apps and it’s tough to find a useful app. If your App does not solve a problem or does not have a real purpose, your app will disappear in the market soon. It’s really crucial to solve a problem or come up with a Disruptive Innovation Idea to build an app.

Competitive Analysis:

So now, you got an Idea and the next step is to evaluate it before building. Best approach is to find the competitor exists in the market and their market penetration. If you plan to fight against a big vendor, your app must be a new innovation to sustain and break the competitor’s penetration. Always remember that your exit strategy is to partner with your competitor or grow big to fight with them.

Profit driven or user driven app:

Business Model is core for your success. It can be a profit driven or a user driven app. It means that your App can be a FREE App for users and increases users attraction. Obviously Advertisement is one of the main channels where you will make money in Free Apps. As of now, Top Industry Leaders built their business with Advertisement revenue such as Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Next model is to go as a Paid App:

You would make money from the first paid customer, but there will be a friction in user adoption and retention. Its completely based on the value you add to your customers. Customers still pay if you solve a real problem and save their time.

UX Design:

App has to be easily usable to increase adaption. Every year, Android and iOS introduce new usability features and your App developer must aware of the friendly and successful feature in the market. Once you have the niche design and app navigation flow, you shall get feedback from your connections.

App Development:

Based on your platform preference, It can be a cross platform or Native App. Technology stack such as Phone gap with HTML 5 / ionic Framework, Xamarin or other Third party vendors provide platforms that minimize app development effort. However there are always Pros and Cons in choosing an app development platform. It’s recommended to list your App Features, Your target audience expectation, Budget and timeline to make a decision.

Pilot Evaluation:

Once you have the functioning app, its preferable to have your network evaluate it and give feedback. There are different ways to receive feedback and make sure you prioritize and make regular amendments.


Be prepare for the Launch event. Your App will be picked up if you have good exposure in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Everyone sells their services directly or indirectly nowadays, so don’t be Shy to Talk, Promote and encourage your connections to sell your App.

Monitoring & Evaluation:

Its key to analyze your App’s performance, customer reviews, usability and make regular updates. Keeping up to date is wise to increase the download rates. And of course, its time for you to celebrate the hard work you had spent so far in implementing an Idea!




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