Tips to Create a Mobile App for Your Business -W2S Solutions

Virality. This is the one word equivalent to hitting the jackpot in the mobile app world and that is a real challenge for App developers. . Businesses that create fresh, useful, and original apps will succeed in it. A study by Gartner research has shown that in 2012, there were 45.6 billion downloads of apps of which 89% of the downloaded apps were free. And in 2015, the paid apps download will increase to 16.4 Billion that is estimated to be worth $25 billion by 2015. Unique differentiator is the key and this has to be promoted well with a clear marketing strategy and timely execution.
At W2S Solutions, we engage in application marketing for almost all kinds of popular mobile apps – iPhone apps, BlackBerry apps, Android apps, Windows Mobile apps and others. Our understanding of every app store environment and ranking algorithms help us to guide you. We work closely with our client to build their brand, increase number of downloads and improve ROI.
If you are just planning to build an app, our expertise apps development team provides you with the concept for your app and walk you through our mobile application development process and also, build an app for you. If you already have an app and want us to promote it, we can layout an app marketing plan for you.

Create a Buzz around your app

With more number of apps being released daily, its mandatory to make sure that users will discover your app. Here is our approach to create buzz in the market:

Industry Influencers

Once an app is ready for market, We will need to proactively engage Industry Influencers to market the app. Whenever there has been a press release or an app is mentioned in an app blog or site, downloads will be spiked by a minimum of 600% to a high of 1000%.
Our Mobile promotion team engages with app review writers/bloggers on main app review websites for increased exposure. We will come up with an email “pitch” about your app to catch the writer’s attention and provide a promotional code to ensure the writer has full access to the entire app.

Leveraging social media

In order to reach the mass market and stay at the top position, We will have to focus our efforts on increasing app’s social reach. In order to achieve this, it is recommended that at minimum three social media platforms be further developed: Apps website, Facebook presence Twitter and Linkedin. These platforms will need to be actively managed by the social media marketer.

W2S Solutions:
We are custom mobile development company  in India since 2010. If you are looking for app development we ca do it for you. we are looking forward to develop innovative apps. 

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