Google acquires Twitter’s Fabric Kit

Google has agreed to acquire the Twitter’s mobile app development platform Fabric to an undisclosed amount. Once the agreement is signed Google’s Firebase (Product Developers) will merge with Twitter’s Fabric team.

In app development industry both the Firebase and Fabric has its unique advantages. Fabric’s vice president of engineering “Rich Paret” said Fabric team is eager to join with the Google’s Firebase team to jointly create the best mobile app development platform in the world.

 What is Twitter Fabric?

It is a collection of products rolled out by twitter since 2014. It was developed with three modular kit which address some common issues facing by the app developers like stability, distribution, revenue and identity.

Crashlyticsis a crash reporting system and it is one of the most downloaded product in Fabric which greatly welcomed by the developers because of its unique advantages. It helps developers to detect the root cause and fix the issue faster than any other tool in the market.

MoPubWhich helps developers to build native ads, which support the developers to connect with the world’s largest mobile ad exchange. It has the feature of ad management, optimization and reporting.

Digits is a part of Fabric product, which helps users to sign in through phone numbers. It eliminates the need of username and password at login, and make more sophisticated to users.

As per the twitter statement Fabric has downloaded by more than 580,000. Worldwide more than 2.5 billion devices are powered by Fabric.

Since Google acquired firebase focusing on developing a combined app development platform for iOS, android, and web app development. In 2016 Google includes new tools to Fiberbase like analytics component, a cloud message feature and a remote configuration capability. With these tools Google introduced the cash reporting capability and a high-end test lab to improve the performance of Android App in future by finding its vulnerabilities.

Twitter said, they want to shape their financial to be better, so they decided to left from the non-essential division.  But meantime Google wants to develop the single platform to develop Android, iOS and Web applications.

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