Best New Features Added to Your iPhone Now – iOS 10.3 update

Apple has finally released iOS 10.3 to the public. The new mobile app is available as an over the air(OTA). To download this feature through iTunes on a Mac, Before that you Should download and install iOS 10.3 on your iPhone.

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Find My AirPods

There is a new option in the iPhone app that can track down our AirPods, but it’s now here near as accurate or as useful as it is for iPhones and iPads since AirPods don’t have a GPS radio or the ability to connect to any networks. Instead, this is basically a log that will show you the last location where our iPhone was connected to our AirPods.

App Transition Animations

In this app Apple to support the transition animations when user to open and close these apps in iOS.

New File System

By Installing iOS 10.3 will automatically update our iPhone or iPad to use the Apple File System (APFS) instead of HFS+. APFS is better optimized for NAND flash storage so files can be accessed more quickly, and it also supports strong encryption.

Weather in Maps

The Maps Which is used to find the local forecast for the place,  iPhone one of the new features Google Updated iPhone Apps With New 3D Touch Controls and Voice Typing.

iCloud Storage

iCloud Storage which is used to store our details in cloud, before that we should download iCloud and update the setting details.

Apple Profile Creation

A new Apple profile Creation section in the Settings app that we will see at the very top of the first screen. It gives access to a single page where we will find our full contact profile, security , payment data, iCloud account information, App Store detailsand a bit more.

Voice Call With Suppot of Verizon

Voice calls as we know very well, but now Verizon Support the voice calling process. It means we can receive voice call on our iPhone which is supported by Verizon.

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